The Best Sharpening Method

Have you ever had your shear sharpened and have it not cut as well as it did when it was new, even after sending it back to "the company"? Most stylist agree that they have had this experience, and think it is normal or that it just can not cut as well as when it was new. Our sharpening techniques will get your shear cutting the way it did when you bought it, and, in most cases even better. Why? Just to let you know, a person does not have to have any qualifications at all to come to your salon, a hair show, or post a web site on sharpening. That's right, no qualifications are needed! That is why so many stylists have had their shears sharpened incorrectly and have the experience listed above. Can you imagine if hair stylists did not have a qualifying course? I once had my hair cut by a person that said they were a master barber; trust me, that could not have been further from the truth. Ask for proof! I have gone through numerous training classes with shear companies, owners, and presidents, and have received many awards for the quality of my workmanship, even taking first place in the nation. I scored the highest score ever recorded by the most respected shear sharpening organization in the world (the NSSG). I have worked so hard in learning my craft so I can be the best in the industry. This has been my goal from the start.

Most machines that advertise "diamond wheels" are not made for hair shears. Diamonds simply cut too fast for your delicate hair shears, it removes way too much metal. I use aluminum oxide to hone your shear and then I use a Japanese diamond "hone" to hand balance your shear. The way the Japanese make shears has been copied by almost every country now, and so it is very important to you and me that the Japanese sharpening method is used to make your shear cut like it is meant to. Only 19 people in the nation are "
Certified Master Sharpeners " I am one of them and have taken first place.  Click here to see. 

My equipment has made a big difference in the quality I am able to provide. Just as your equipment must be good for you to give a good cut. The Rapid Edge equipment is by far the most advanced shear sharpening machine in the world. It cost more than any car or house I had purchased up to that point. Why did I pay that much? Because I could not be the best without having the best equipment, simple as that.

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mail me one of your shears, and see for yourself, you'll be Dull-ighted!

The Rapid Edge equipment is by far the most advanced in the world and is made for your very high quality Shears.

To get the best quality cuts, you need high quality shears. They must be sharpened with the right equipment by a
Master Sharpener.

Do you have a damaged shear? We can probably fix it. Did someone sharpen it wrong? Did you drop it and mess it up? Is the handle broken? Let us take a look at it. Or call and talk with us about it.

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