If you are searching the web for a good place to send your shears to get them reconditioned or sharpened, you have come to the right place. As you can see I have many national awards for my sharpening. Sevral of them are Certifying me as a Master Sharpener , I am one of only 19 master sharpeners here in the USA, this is the highest ranking position for a sharpener. Of those 19, most have made master only once. My work is consistently the best, I have scored the highest points ever. The one above is for First Place In The Nation! The NSSG is the most respected shear sharpening organization in the world, This is where I have received much training and knowledge from shear companies, company owners, and company presidents. There are many others I have learned from as well. I am both qualified and certified to sharpen all brands of hair shears without voiding the warrantee. Because of my experience and equipment, I specialize in Japanese and German shears. I not only get them to cut like new, but in most cases exceed the original cutting ability of the shear when it was new.

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Rob Sheets
NSSG Certified Master Sharpener