"They Work Better than when they were new!" - Blaine Guidry, MCM Hair Studio Lafayette (Owner of Jowell Shears)

"Perfect!" - DJ, Salon Vasari, Baton Rouge (Owner of Centrix and Jaguar shears)

"They cut BETTER than when they were NEW!!" - Anita, The Pampered Day Salon, Baton Rouge (Owner of NIC shears)

"This is the BEST that my shears have EVER cut, I think they even cut better than when they were NEW!!" - Sonja Stewart, I-Catchers Salon, Baton Rouge (Owner of Axis shears)

"Best Shear Sharpening I've EVER had & holds the edge great! I love it!" "You are the best shear sharpener in the world!" - Traci Falcon, Lena's Salon, Baton Rouge (Owner of Hikari shears)

"AMAZING, a totally different feel!" - Jamie McAlister, Opilia's Salon, Baton Rouge (Owner of Washi shears)

"My shears have NEVER cut this GOOD, even when they were NEW they didn't cut this good!" -
David, The Salon at Burbank, Baton Rouge (owner of Paul Mitchell, Phillos, and other shears)

Hi Rob,
Thanks so much for taking care of my shears and sending them back. I had went out of town last week and that's why it was easier for me to just ship them to you. I used them today and they are awesome! I cut a Cocker Spaniel today with outrageously thick hair and my shears cut right through it and perfectly straight as well. My work is so much easier with my shears being sharp and I'm so glad I found you so now I won't have to send them off for weeks at a time.
Thanks so much and I'll let you know when they start to dull.
Renee' McNatt
Best In Show Pet Spa

Thanks for a great job as always......Tm. Vaughan Lafayette, Louisiana


Hi Mr. Sharp,
I just wanted to thank you and your wife, for the time you spent with my class at the Denham Springs Beauty College. I have heard so much about you and your company (GOOD THINGS). What I really like about your business, is that it's a one on one relationship and you truly back up your products. I look forward to doing business with you and your wife in the near future.

Miranda Robertson.


hey rob its noelle from quality hair care in prairiville you really did an awesome job on my shears and ill give you a call when i get the money to get those other ones i want


I wish everybody do his job like you do


hey rob!!! thanks Salon Des Amis!!!!


Company_Name: Salon Dolce Vita

Customer_Name: Trish Vinyard

Testimonial_Comments: I purchased a pair of shears from Rob about 2 years ago. Not only are they the best shears I've ever used but Rob takes great care of them!! Sharpening on a regular basis is key! All of my stylists are super sharp too. He is da bomb & we love him @ Dolce Vita!! :)

Type_of_Shear: Tara


Company_Name: Phoenix Salon LLC

Customer_Name: Michelle N. Hill

Testimonial_Comments: Thank you for being an awesome shear sharpener so close to home. Rob is knowledgeable about this industry and always has the top of the line tools, capes and supplies for the best price. Could not do my job without you!!! Thanks a million!

Type_of_Shear: Centrix